<Application_Name> - Application Properties

Applies To: Windows 7, Windows Vista

The Application Properties tab of the <Application_Name> dialog box enables you to view the application properties. Application properties are divided into the following categories

  • File properties. Includes the file names, related products, vendor, version number, and so on.

  • MSI. Includes the setup installation-related product, vendor, version, language, and so on.

  • Add/Remove Programs. Includes the display name, vendor, registry path, and removal string.

  • Shell. Includes the shell and parent name details.

  • Registry. Includes the registry name, path, file, and registry run information.

  • Service Control Manager. Includes the display name, name, and path information.

To access the Application Properties tab of the <Application_Name> dialog box

  1. Click Analyze from the Quick Reports pane.

  2. Click Applications from the appropriate operating system heading in the Quick Reports pane. For example, click Applications from underneath the Windows 7 Reports heading.

    The <Operating_System> - Application Report screen appears.

  3. Double-click the name of the application for which you want to see the associated details.

    The <Application_Name> dialog box appears, with the Assessment tab showing.

  4. Click the Application Properties tab.

Using the Application Properties Tab

On the Application Properties tab of the <Application_Name> dialog box, you can:

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