Focus Issues

Applies To: Windows 7, Windows Vista

There are several known focus issues addressed by the Compatibility Administrator through compatibility fixes and compatibility modes.

Fix Name Symptom Fix Description


The application starts with a minimized configuration window.

Ensures that when a window is no longer visible, another visible window from the current application is ready to take its place. Otherwise, the application can lose focus altogether, which is inconsistent with the behavior of the Microsoft Windows®°95 operating system and the Microsoft Windows®°98 operating system.


The application window becomes inactive.

Forces new windows to receive the focus and move to the foreground. Due to changes in the Windows XP Professional Window Manager, applications can lose focus and be unable to regain it.


A message box becomes inactive.

Intercepts calls to the MessageBox function, adding the MB_SETFOREGROUND style to force the resulting message box to the foreground window.

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