Using the Settings Tab

Applies To: Windows 7, Windows Vista

On the Settings tab in the Settings dialog box, you can modify the settings for your ACT database and ACT Log Processing Service.


For more information about errors that can occur while you are configuring the ACT database or ACT Log Processing Service, see Troubleshooting ACT Setup.

To access the Settings tab

  • On the Tools menu of the Application Compatibility Manager, click Settings.

    The Settings dialog box appears with the displayed Settings tab.


The connection between the Application Compatibility Manager and the Microsoft® SQL Server® instance in your organization uses Secure Sockets Layers (SSL). No data is exposed to the public.

To modify your database and log processing settings

  • On the Settings tab, modify your database and log processing settings, according to the following:

    • SQL Server: Change the name of the SQL Server database server that contains your ACT database.


Clicking Browse causes the Application Compatibility Manager to search for available database servers. After the search completes, the Select Server dialog box appears, enabling you to select the database server that contains your ACT database.

  - **Database**: Type the name of your ACT database or select it from the list, and then click **Create** to create a new database.  

  - **This computer is configured as a Log Processing Service**: Select this check box to configure your computer as the ACT Log Processing Service. Clear the check box to use a different computer as the log processor.  


If you do not select a computer to be your ACT Log Processing Service, your data-collection package processing will default to your local computer

  - **Log Processing Service Account area**: Modify the account information, including the account type and account credentials, used to start the ACT Log Processing Service.  


You must configure your ACT Log Processing Service account and SQL Server database server with read and write access. If you configured your account as a Local System account, your domain<computer_name>$ must have read/write access.

  - **Log Share area**: Modify the full path location where your log files are processed, or click **Browse** to search for the location. The **Share as** field is automatically updated with the folder name.  


The ACT Log Processing Service share requires your domain computer to have write access. Additionally, the ACT Log Processing Service share is opened to the Everyone group, by default.

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