Job, Task, and Node Status

Applies To: Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003

Jobs, tasks, and nodes have life cycles, each stage of which is represented by a status flag.

Job status and life cycle

The following table summarizes the job life cycle status flags.

Flag Definition


Job has been created using job new but has not been submitted. Job has job ID.


Job has been submitted and is waiting to be activated (run).


Job is running.


Job has completed successfully.


Job has failed to complete.


Job has been canceled.

Task status and life cycle

Task life cycle and status flags are identical to those of the job.

Node status and life cycle

The following table summarizes the node life cycle and status flags.

Flag Definition


Node has been added to cluster but not yet approved by administrator.


Node has been added to cluster and approved by administrator.


Node has been paused. When a node is in the Paused state, jobs running on the node continue to run but no new jobs from users without administrative rights will be started. New administrator jobs will be started.


System cannot establish a connection between the head node and the Node Manager service on the compute node.

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