Installing Compute Cluster Pack on a Head Node

Applies To: Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003

The Compute Cluster Pack (CCP) provides the components that turn a server into a cluster node that can then serve as either a head node or a compute node. The Compute Cluster Pack is a combination of interfaces, utilities, and management infrastructure which enable high performance computing on Windows servers.

Installing Compute Cluster Pack

Before you install the Compute Cluster Pack and create a head node, be sure that the following prerequisites have been met:

  • The prospective head node must already have Windows ServerĀ 2003, Compute Cluster Edition or a supported operating system installed.

  • The computer must be connected to at least one network, depending on your choice of cluster networking topology, and you must be a local administrator on that computer.

  • The prospective head node must be a member of an Active Directory domain (recommended) or must be a domain controller for the cluster domain.

Software Prerequisites

Certain software components are required in most configurations for CCP.

Component When Required

Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

Always required.

Obtained with operating system installation.

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE 2000)

Always required.

Installed by CCP setup.

MMC 3.0

Always required.

Can be installed prior to installing CCP.

Installed by CCP setup.

RIS hotfix

Required if you intend to use the Automated Addition method of adding compute nodes to the cluster.

Can be installed prior to installing CCP.

Installed by CCP setup.

ICS hotfix

Required if the head node is a domain controller.

Can be installed prior to installing CCP.

Installed by CCP setup.

Windows Compute Cluster Pack setup will install all required prerequisites on the head node. In some circumstances, depending on services running on the head node, a given prerequisite might require rebooting the server before other prerequisites or Compute Cluster Pack can be installed. If this occurs, you will have to restart CCP setup to install the remaining prerequisites and the Compute Cluster Pack.

If you install the hotfixes and MMC 3.0 on the prospective head node prior to running the Compute Cluster Pack setup, the installation program will detect that these prerequisites are installed and will not require reboots that will interrupt installing Compute Cluster Pack on the head node.

To create a head node

  1. Run Setup.exe from the Compute Cluster Pack CD-ROM or from the source location for this media. The Compute Cluster Pack Installation Wizard will be displayed.

  2. On the Before You Begin page, click Next.

  3. On the End-User License Agreement page, if you accept the terms of the license agreement, click Next.

  4. On the Select Installation Type page, select Create a new compute cluster with this server as the head node. When you select the head node option, the computer name of the node becomes the cluster name.


    If you also want the head node to accept jobs as a compute node, select Use this head node as a compute node. This option will then install the services and other software necessary for the head node to accept jobs in a compute node role.

  5. Click Next.

  6. On the Select Installation Location page, click Next to accept the default location where the Compute Cluster Pack will be installed, or click Browse to change the folder.

  7. The Install Required Components page displays all prerequisite software that must be installed before CCP. One missing component is highlighted at a time. To install a component, click Install.

    1. After the first missing component is installed, the next missing component is highlighted. Click Install to install that component.

    2. Continue installing all missing components until Microsoft Compute Cluster Pack is highlighted, then click Install to finish the installation.

  8. The Cluster Deployment Tasks page is displayed. You will be able to see the progress of the installation. When setup is complete, click Close.

  9. When the installation is complete, the To Do List page is displayed.


If you are reinstalling Compute Cluster Pack on a head node, the compute nodes of that cluster will not appear in the Node Management page of the Cluster Administrator or in the node list command results until the head node is rebooted or until each missing compute node is rebooted. After reboot, you must approve each cluster node and change their status to 'resume'.

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