Install a Client Access License Pack

Before you can install a client access license (CAL) pack, you must:

  • Complete Windows activation on the Windows EBS servers.
  • Identify the 25-character alphanumeric product key for the CAL pack. When you purchase a CAL pack, a product key is supplied.
  • Have Internet access from the Management Server.


You must use an account that is in the Domain Admins group to perform this procedure.

To install a CAL pack

  1. Click Start, click All Programs, click Windows Essential Business Server, and then click Windows Essential Business Server Administration Console.

  2. Click the Licenses tab, and then in the tasks pane, click Install CAL packs to start the Install CAL Packs Wizard.

  3. Install one or more CAL packs by following the prompts in the wizard.

  4. Return to the Administration Console, click the Licenses tab, and then click License Management.

    • Confirm that the licenses have been added by checking the entries in the Edition and Total columns.
    • View the Status column to see if your CALs are in compliance with the licensing terms for Windows EBS.

Additional considerations

  • A CAL pack can be reinstalled on Windows EBS if necessary. However, there can be only one instance of the CAL pack installed.
  • You cannot install a CAL pack that will cause the total number of CALs for Windows EBS to exceed 300.
  • After you install a CAL pack, you can assign the CALs to specific user accounts or devices. CALs can be reassigned as often as required.