Enable Outlook Anywhere

The Outlook Anywhere feature (formerly known as RPC over HTTP) for Exchange Server provides Internet-based access to your messaging environment without requiring the use of a virtual private network (VPN). By default, Outlook Anywhere is enabled when you install Windows EBS. All users in your domain with mailboxes are automatically enabled for Outlook Anywhere access.

You can configure Outlook Anywhere settings on the Messaging Server and on the client computers in your domain:


In Windows EBS, you must choose NTLM authentication as the client authentication method for Outlook Anywhere.

For more information about deploying Outlook Anywhere, see Exchange Server 2007 Help: On the Messaging Server, in the Exchange Management Console, click F1.


You must use an account that is in the Domain Admins group to perform this procedure.

To access Outlook Anywhere settings in Windows Essential Business Server

  1. Click Start, click All Programs, click Windows Essential Business Server, and then click Windows Essential Business Server Administration Console.

  2. On the Computers and Devices tab, click the name of your Messaging Server, and then in the tasks pane, click Exchange Management Console. This starts a RemoteApp connection to the Exchange Management Console.

  3. In the console tree, expand Server Configuration, and then click Client Access.

  4. In the action pane, under the name of your Messaging Server, click Properties.

  5. In the Properties dialog box, click Outlook Anywhere.