Resuming After Windows EBS Installation Errors

Applies To: Windows Essential Business Server

You may encounter errors during Windows EBS installation for a variety of reasons. Windows EBS helps you recover from those errors and continue with the installation wherever possible. If the installation on one of the servers is unsuccessful, you do not need to reinstall the software on the previously completed servers. For example, if the installation is unsuccessful on the Messaging Server, you do not need to reformat partitions or reinstall the software on the Management Server or the Security Server.

Before it attempts to install, the Installation Wizard checks whether a previous installation was attempted. If it detects a failed attempt, before it continues, the Installation Wizard restores the existing environment by removing files that were written to shared network storage (such as an Active Directory database). If you cancel the installation for any reason, the Installation Wizard also attempts this cleanup before it closes.

Depending on the type of error or condition that you encounter, you may need to do one of the following:

  • Retry the operation in the Installation Wizard.

  • Resume the Installation Wizard on the server.

  • Restart the installation on the server.

Retry the operation

For most input errors, such as an invalid IP address or a password that does not meet the minimum strength requirements, the Installation Wizard displays an error icon so that you can correct the data. To correct the error, place your cursor over the icon to display the error message, and then follow the instructions that are displayed in the error message.

For other errors or conditions (such as failure to detect a domain controller on your existing network), you are notified by a dialog box. You can then correct the condition that caused the error. After you resolve the error, close the dialog box to retry the operation in the Installation Wizard.

Resume the Installation Wizard

You may encounter some conditions that require you to perform one or more corrective tasks before you can continue the installation. In most cases, the Installation Wizard informs you of the action that you need to take. After you take the corrective action, you can resume the Installation Wizard.

Restart the installation

If you decide to cancel the Installation Wizard on a server, you can restart the installation later on that server. After you cancel the wizard, you must begin the installation from the installation disc and reformat the system partition on the server hard disk to install the Windows EBS software.

To cancel the Installation Wizard, click Cancel, click Yes in the confirmation dialog box, and then turn off the server. To restart the installation later, insert the correct installation disc into the server, and then start the server from the DVD drive. Follow the instructions to create and select the partition where you want to install the operating system. After the operating system is installed, the Welcome page of the Windows EBS Installation Wizard appears.


Instead of canceling the Installation Wizard, you can turn off the server while the Installation Wizard is running. When you restart the server from the hard disk after doing this, the Windows EBS Installation Wizard restarts at the Welcome page. You are not required first to reformat your hard disk and reinstall Windows Server 2008. Interrupting the wizard by turning off the server is not recommended while the wizard is installing the software components.