Managing Computers and Backup in Windows Home Server 2011

Updated: March 30, 2011

Applies To: Windows Home Server 2011

Windows Home Server 2011 makes it possible to perform common administrative tasks by using the Windows Home Server 2011 Dashboard. The Computers and Backup page of the Dashboard provides the following:

  • A list of network computers, which displays:

    • The name of the computer.

    • The status of the computer. The computer status can be either Online, or Offline.

    • The current Backup status of the computer.

    • The current Alerts status of the computer.

  • A details pane with additional information about a selected computer.

  • A tasks pane that includes a set of computer administrative tasks such as viewing computer properties and alerts, setting up computer backup, and restoring files and folders from a backup.

The following table describes the various computer and backup tasks that are available in Windows Home Server 2011 Dashboard. Some of the tasks are computer-specific, and they are only visible when you select a computer in the list.

Computer tasks in the Dashboard

Task name Description

View the computer properties

Displays general information for a selected computer, and enables you to view details for the computer backups.

Set up Backup for this computer

Runs the Set up Backup Wizard.

Customize the backup

Opens the backup properties, from which you can make changes to the backup settings for the selected computer.

Start a Backup for the computer

Starts a Backup for a selected computer.

Stop the Backup for the computer

Stops the Backup for a selected computer.

Restore files and folders

Runs the Restore Files and Folders Wizard, which enables you to restore specific files, folders, or drives.

View alerts

Displays critical and other informational alerts and enables you to take corrective action where possible.

Remove the computer

Runs the Remove a Computer Wizard, which enables you to disconnect the selected computer from the network.

How do I connect computers to the network?

Opens a Help topic that describes the steps to perform in order to join a computer to the network.