Restore or repair your server using the installation DVD

In this scenario, you restore or repair your server system drive using the Windows® Home Server 2011 installation DVD. This is the classic model where the server is administered at the server console using the Dashboard.

To restore the server system drive

  1. Insert the Windows® Home Server 2011 installation DVD in the server DVD drive, restart the server, and then press any key to start from the DVD.

  2. After the Windows files load, click Repair an existing installation.

  3. On the Select a system image backup page, you can choose to use the latest backup or you can select an earlier backup. The system will be restored to the state that it was at the time of the backup that you choose for restoring or repairing your server. Data that was added or setting changes that were made after that time must be recreated.

  4. Follow the instructions in the wizard.

  5. After the server is successfully restored, click Close to restart the server.

If you replaced Disk 0 or if the partition information on Disk 0 was bad, you must restore the data that was stored on Disk 0 by using the Restore Files and Folders wizard. For information about restoring data, see Learn more about restoring files and folders.

If you created additional shared folders, after you restore the system drive from the backup, the shared folders are still on the data partition or were restored to the data partition, but might not be recognized by the server. You must share those folders again.

To add an existing folder to the server Shared Folders

  1. Find the location of the shared folder on the hard drive.

  2. Right click the shared folder, click Properties, click the Security tab, and then write down the folder permissions.

  3. Log on to the Dashboard, click the Server Folders and Hard Drives tab, and then click Add a Folder in the Server Folders Tasks pane.

  4. In the Add a Folder wizard, type the name of the folder in the Name textbox.

  5. Click Browse, navigate to the \\<ServerName>\ServerFolders folder, select the folder that you want to share, and then click OK.

  6. Click Next.

  7. Specify the permissions that you wrote down in step 2, and then click Add folder.

After you finish adding folders to the list of shared folders, you need to make sure that the folders are included in the server backup. For information about adding folders to the server backup, see Change the server backup configuration.