Managing Cluster Users

Applies To: Windows HPC Server 2008

There are two types of HPC cluster user roles: administrators and users. HPC cluster administrators have permissions to manage all aspects of Windows HPC ServerĀ 2008. HPC cluster users have permissions to manage tasks and jobs that they have submitted to the cluster. Users or groups that have not been added to the cluster cannot access cluster resources.

You can set permissions for the job templates that you create to limit the job templates that specific cluster users or groups can use when submitting jobs to your HPC cluster. You can also set permissions for managing the job templates, by granting specific users or groups the permission to edit, copy, and delete a job template. For more information, see Set Job Template Permissions. You can only give job template permissions to users or groups that have already been added to the cluster as HPC cluster users or as HPC cluster administrators.

You can also create job activation filters to check for factors such as exceeded usage time for the submitting user. For more information, see Understanding Activation and Submission Filters.

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