Step 2: Deploy and Configure the Head Node


Applies To: Windows HPC Server 2008 R2, Windows HPC Server 2008

The next step is to deploy and configure the head node of your HPC cluster, including the configuration of the HPC cluster network so that it includes an application network for the InfiniBand subnet. The deployment and configuration process of the head node is basically the same as any other deployment of a head node for your HPC cluster, with the exception of the creation of a node template that is specifically configured to deploy the InfiniBand device drivers with NetworkDirect support to the compute nodes. This section explains how to perform the basic deployment and configuration of the head node. The process to create and configure the node template is explained in Step 3: Create and Configure the Node Template.

To deploy and configure the head node, perform the following steps in the Design and Deployment Guide for Windows HPC Server 2008 R2 (, or the Design and Deployment Guide for Windows HPC Server 2008 (, if appropriate for your cluster:

  • Perform all steps in Step 1: Prepare for Your Deployment.

  • In Step 2: Deploy the Head Node, perform only the following steps:

    • 2.2. Join the head node computer to a domain

    • 2.3. Install Microsoft HPC Pack on the head node computer


    You do not need to perform step 2.1 because at this point Windows Server should be already installed on your head node.

  • In Step 3: Configure the Head Node, perform only the following steps:

    • 3.1. Configure the HPC cluster network


      In the Network Configuration Wizard, select topology 3 or topology 4, which include an application network, and then select your InfiniBand network adapter for the application network. Also, when selecting services for the application network, enable Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) in the application network so that the InfiniBand network adapters in the compute nodes are assigned an IP address when the compute nodes are deployed.

    • 3.2. Provide the installation credentials

    • 3.3. Configure the naming of new nodes


    Do not perform any more steps in the Design and Deployment Guide for Windows HPC Server. The rest of the steps that are necessary to configure your head node are explained later in this guide.

When you are done performing the steps listed in this section, the list of required configuration steps in the Deployment To-do List on HPC Cluster Manager should only have the Create a node template step left incomplete.