Apply Software Updates on the Compute Nodes


Applies To: Windows HPC Server 2008

You can apply software updates to compute nodes in your Windows HPC Server 2008 cluster by running the Apply Updates maintenance task in the node template that was used to add the compute nodes to your cluster.

The Apply Updates task, with all other tasks in the Maintenance section of node templates, can be run independently of the provisioning, configuration, and deployment tasks in the node template. This helps you to make maintenance changes without having to redeploy or reconfigure your compute nodes.


To run maintenance tasks on compute nodes using node templates, you must first bring the compute nodes offline. For this reason, plan in advance to run maintenance tasks when the compute nodes are not being used for computational tasks.

You can determine which updates are required by your compute nodes by running the Pending Software Updates or Software Updates Required diagnostics test in HPC Cluster Manager. After you have determined which updates are required and have added the Apply Updates maintenance task to the node template, to run the maintenance tasks, you bring offline the nodes that you want to maintain and then run the Maintain action in HPC Cluster Manager.

For step-by-step procedures for applying software updates, see Updating Compute Nodes in Windows HPC Server 2008 Step-by-Step Guide ( You can also view the “Apply Software Updates” topic of the Help documentation for HPC Cluster Manager. You can access this documentation from the user interface by clicking any of the in-context help links or by pressing F1.

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