Introducing MultiPoint Server

Welcome to the Windows® MultiPoint™ Server 2011 Planning Guide. MultiPoint Server enables multiple stations to be connected to one computer. Multiple users can then share the computer at the same time. There are three ways that stations can connect to the computer running MultiPoint Server:

  • Directly to video ports on the computer

  • Through specialized USB zero clients (also referred to as multifunction USB hubs)

  • Over the local area network (LAN)

Each of these methods is described in more detail in MultiPoint Server Stations later in this document.

This document addresses the following factors to consider when you are planning to deploy MultiPoint Server:


Unless otherwise noted, all references to MultiPoint Server refer to Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 Standard and Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 Premium.

For a downloadable version of this document, see the Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 Planning Guide in the Microsoft® Download Center.