How to Buy MultiPoint Server

This topic explores the available versions of MultiPoint Server and explains how you can purchase them. For more information, see How to Try and Buy on the MultiPoint Server website.

Evaluation version

For a free downloadable version that you can evaluate, see Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 Evaluation in the Microsoft Download Center.

Volume license version

If you already have the hardware that you want to use for your Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 setup, you can buy Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 through the Microsoft Volume Licensing Center. For this, you need to determine if you are an academic user or a commercial user. For more information about purchasing the appropriate license, see the following sites:

OEM version

You can purchase Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 from a Microsoft original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partner. This is the easiest way to obtain a complete solution. You can purchase a host computer with the Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 software installed, as well as station devices. For more information, see the Worldwide OEM Partners site.

Client access licenses

All Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 stations require client access licenses (CALs).

For volume license versions

Commonly in customer environments that are running Windows Server® 2008 or Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008 CALs are already purchased. To prevent buying the same CAL twice, Microsoft has provided two licensing options for the Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 CAL. One option includes the Windows Server 2008 CAL, and the other option excludes it to recognize an existing CAL ownership.

For OEM versions

If you purchase an OEM version, each station requires a Windows MultiPoint Server CAL, which is available from your OEM.