Common MultiPoint Server Usage Scenarios

Applies To: Windows MultiPoint Server 2012

MultiPoint Server delivers individual user desktops with the most important elements of the Windows 8 desktop experience. It also offers a simple MultiPoint Manager user interface that system administrators can use for discovery and control of multiple MultiPoint servers and clients. Additionally, MultiPoint Server includes the MultiPoint Dashboard for real-time visibility. Examples of what you can do with MultiPoint Server include the following:

  1. Give each user a personal computing experience and private folders without needing a separate computer for each person.

  2. Manage multiple MultiPoint servers in a computer lab, classroom, training center, or small business environment.

  3. Install a program once, and then access it from any station.

  4. Monitor thumbnail views of each standard user’s desktop activity.

  5. Block screens with a customizable message to get the group’s attention.

  6. Restrict the group to only accessing one or more websites.

  7. Project your screen to the other screens to demonstrate a particular task.

  8. Communicate privately with a standard user who is asking for help.

  9. Take control of a standard user’s keyboard and mouse to demonstrate a task.

  10. Do all of the above-listed items for a user who is using a traditional PC, laptop, or tablet device.