Deploying Windows Mobile 6 with Windows Essential Business Server 2008


This document provides step-by-step instructions for deploying devices powered with Windows Mobile 6 in an IT infrastructure that is based on the Windows Essential Business Server 2008 (Windows EBS 2008) server solution.


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Deploying Windows Mobile 6 with Windows Essential Business Server 2008

Windows Mobile 6

Windows Mobile 6.1

Before You Begin

 Skill Level

 Windows Mobile Requirements

 Server Requirements

Process Steps

Step 1: Install Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5 or WMDC 6.1

Step 2: Enable Mobile Services for Users

Step 3: Configure the Firewall and Web Services

Step 4: Install and Configure a Certificate

 Choose the Type of Certificate

 Configure the Certificate

     Option A: Using a Self-Issued Certificate

     Option B: Using a Third-Party Certificate

Step 5: Install and Configure the Third-party Certificate on the Security Server

Step 6: Configure Windows Essential Business Server 2008 Messaging Server

 Ensure the site service is started

Step 7: Configure Device Synchronization

     Option A: Over-the-air Device Synchronization

     Option B: Device Synchronization Using ActiveSync

 Device Synchronization Using WMDC

Step 8: Test the Deployment

 Test Over-the-Air Synchronization

 Test Direct Push

Remote Management

 Remote Device Wipe

 Device Security Policies



 Installing Microsoft ActiveSync on Client Computers

 Configuring ActiveSync

 Synchronizing the Mobile Device

     Some Users Cannot Synchronize

     No User Can Synchronize

 Deploying Certificates

     Obtaining a Certificate

     Creating a Certificate Signing Request

     Installing a Self-Issued Certificate

 Configuring the Device

     Direct Push Messages

     Device Policy


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