Using the Get-Alias Cmdlet

Listing All Your Windows PowerShell Aliases

The Get-Alias cmdlet simply returns a list of your Windows PowerShell aliases. Type the following, and all your aliases will be displayed on-screen:


If you don’t want to see all the aliases you can use the -name parameter and specify either a single alias name or use a wildcard to return a group of aliases. For example, this command returns a list of all the aliases that start with the letter F:

Get-Alias -name f*

Like we said, you’ll get back information similar to this:

CommandType     Name                            Definition
-----------     ----                            ----------
Alias           fc                              format-custom
Alias           fl                              Format-List
Alias           foreach                         foreach-object
Alias           ft                              Format-Table
Alias           fw                              Format-Wide
Get-Alias Aliases
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