Converting the Windows Script Host VerifyFile Method

Definition: Verifies the digital signature encapsulated in a script.


Here’s a case in which PowerShell goes one better than Windows Script Host: while WSH enables you to verify the digital signature attached to a Windows Script Host file, Windows PowerShell, and the Get-AuthenticodeSignature cmdlet, lets you verify the digital signature on any file. For example, this command checks the digital signature on the file Winword.exe (Microsoft Word):

Get-AuthenticodeSignature "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\Winword.exe"

In turn, you should get back information similar to this:

SignerCertificate                         Status                                 Path
-----------------                         ------                                 ----
D57FAC60F1A8D34877AEB350E83F46F6EFC9E5F1  Valid                                  Winword.exe

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