Ksetup Syntax

Applies To: Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2003 with SP1, Windows Server 2003 with SP2

KSetup Syntax

KSetup uses the following syntax:

Art Imageksetup  [/SetRealmDnsDomainName]  [/MapUserPrincipalAccount]  [/AddkdcRealmNameKdcName]  [/DelkdcRealmNameKdcName]  [/AddkpasswdRealmNameKpasswdName]  [/DelkpasswdRealmNameKpasswdName]  [/ServerServerName]  [/SetComputerPasswordPassword]  [/RemoveRealmRealmName]  /domainDomainName]  [/ChangePasswordOldPasswdNewPasswd]  [/ListRealmFlags]  [/SetRealmFlagsRealmflag[flag][flag][...]]  [/AddRealmFlagsRealmflag[flag][flag][...]]  [/DelRealmFlagsRealmflag[flag][flag][...]]  [/DumpStateNo Arguments]  [/?]  [/help


  • /SetRealm DnsDomainName
    Sets the name of an RFC1510 Kerberos realm.
  • /MapUser Principal Account
    Maps the name of a Kerberos principal to an account (* = any/all). If account name is omitted, mapping is deleted for the specified principal.
  • /AddKdc RealmName KdcName
    Adds an additional KDC address for the given realm. If KdcName is omitted, DNS may be used to locate KDCs.
  • /DelKdc RealmName KdcName
    Deletes instance(s) of KDC address for the realm.
  • /AddKpasswd RealmName KpasswdName
    Adds Kpasswd server address for a realm.
  • /DelKpasswd RealmName KpasswdName
    Deletes Kpasswd server address for a realm.
  • /Server ServerName
    Specifies the name of a Windows 2000 computer to target the changes.
  • /SetComputerPassword Password
    Sets the password for the local computer.
  • /RemoveRealm RealmName
    Deletes all information for this realm from the registry.
  • /Domain DomainName
    Uses this domain (if DomainName is unspecified, detects it).
  • /ChangePassword OldPasswd NewPasswd
    Uses Kpasswd to change the password of the logged-on user. Uses '*' to be prompted for passwords.
  • /ListRealmFlags No arguments
    Lists the available realm flags that ksetup knows.
  • /SetRealmFlags realm flag [flag][flag][...]
    Sets RealmFlags for a specific realm. /SetRealmFlags requires one or more arguments that are either numerical (0x5) or labels (from the /ListRealmFlags call).
  • /AddRealmFlags realm flag[flag][flag][...]
    Adds additional RealmFlags to a realm.
  • /DelRealmFlags realm flag [flag][flag][...]
    Deletes RealmFlags from a realm.
  • /DumpState No arguments
    Analyzes the kerberos configuration on the given machine.
  • /? or /help
    Displays the usage screen.


  • The arguments for KSetup are evaluated in the order entered. This is irrelevant for most commands except /Server.


See Ksetup Examples, Ksetup Examples or Ksetup Examples.

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