Example: Implementing the New Cluster

Applies To: Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2003 with SP1, Windows Server 2003 with SP2

The organization mentioned in "Example: Preparing to Implement the Cluster" earlier in this chapter is now ready to implement the new IIS 6.0 Web farm that uses Network Load Balancing for load balancing and fault tolerance. The network infrastructure and additional networking services have been deployed in preparation for the implementation.

In this step, the organization installed and configured the first cluster host as a model for the remaining cluster hosts. Then the organization deployed the remaining cluster hosts by using an image-based deployment method. Figure 9.6 illustrates the network environment after the implementation of the new IIS 6.0 Web farm and Network Load Balancing.

Figure 9.6   Network Environment After Installing the New Cluster

Network Environment After Installing New Cluster

Table 9.4 lists the deployment steps that were performed to implement the new cluster and the reasons for performing those steps.

Table 9.4   Deployment Steps for Implementing the New NLB Cluster

Deployment Step Reason

Add IIS-01, IIS-02, IIS-03, IIS-04, IIS-05, IIS-06, IIS-07, and IIS-08 server hardware.

Server hardware needs to be connected to network infrastructure in preparation for Network Load Balancing deployment.

Install Windows Server 2003 and Network Load Balancing on IIS-01 by using unattended installation.

Unattended setup is chosen because of the limited number of hosts to be deployed.

Create an image of IIS-01 to use as a model for RIS deployment.

RIS allows the servers to be reimaged in the event of a server failure.

Deploy the image on IIS-02, IIS-03, IIS-04, IIS-05, IIS-06, IIS-07, and IIS-08.

Image deployment ensures a consistent configuration on all servers in the Network Load Balancing cluster.

Verify the Web farm responds to client requests.

Verification ensures that the Web farm is properly configured and that Network Load Balancing is load balancing.