Install Active Directory on the Second Domain Controller

Applies To: Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2003 with SP1, Windows Server 2003 with SP2

Install Active Directory on the computer that you want to make the second forest root domain controller by running the Active Directory Installation Wizard.

The Active Directory Installation Wizard:

  • Creates the Active Directory database.

  • Initializes the directory data in the database.

On domain controllers other than the first domain controller in a domain, installation of DNS is not automatic.

To deploy an additional domain controller in an existing domain, you can either let replication copy domain information from an existing source domain controller over the network or you can use the install from media feature, new in Windows Server 2003. Install from media allows you to pre-populate Active Directory with System State data backed up from an existing domain controller. This backup can be present on local CD, DVD, or hard disk partition. Installing from media drastically reduces the time required to install directory information by reducing the amount of data that is replicated over the network. Installing from media is most beneficial in environments with very large domains or for installing new domain controllers that are connected by a slow network link. To use the install from media feature, you first create a backup of System State from the existing domain controller, and then restore it to the new domain controller by using the Restore to: Alternate location option.

To install Active Directory on the second domain controller

  1. Log on to the Windows Server 2003–based member server.

  2. If you want to copy domain information from restored backup files, at the command line, type:

    dcpromo /adv

    – or –

    If you want to copy domain information over the network, either type dcpromo (without the /adv switch) or open Administrative Tools, click Configure Your Server Wizard, andselect Domain Controller (Active Directory) to configure your domain controller. After the Configure Your Server Wizard finishes, the Active Directory Installation Wizard begins.

  3. Use Table 6.3 to help you complete the Active Directory Installation Wizard. Table 6.3 also includes the specific actions taken by Trey Research as they deployed their second forest root domain controller, SEA-TRC-DC02.

    Table 6.3   Information to Install Active Directory on the Second Forest Root Domain Controller

    Wizard Page or Dialog Box Action Example

    Domain Controller Type

    Select Additional domain controller for an existing domain


    Copying Domain Information

    (This dialog box appears only when you started the Active Directory Installation Wizard by typing dcpromo with the /adv switch at the command line or used the Configure Your Server Wizard.)

    Select either:

    • Over the network from a domain controller

    • From these restored backup files

    Trey Research is copying from the first TRCCORP domain controller, SEA-TRC-DC01,which is in the same location as the new one, so they selected Over the network to copy the information in the shortest time.

    Global Catalog

    (This dialog box appears only when From these restored backup files was selected, if the domain controller that you backed up was a global catalog server.)

    Specify whether this domain controller should be configured as a global catalog server.


    Network Credentials

    In the User name box, type a user account that has sufficient rights to add a domain controller, typically a member of Domain Admins.

    In the Password box, type the password of the user account.


    Additional Domain Controller

    (This dialog box appears only when Over the network was selected.)

    Confirm or type the full DNS name of the forest root domain.

    Database and Log Folders

    Type the folder locations specified by your design.

    Database folder: C:\WINNT\NTDS

    Log folder: D:\Logs

    Shared System Volume

    Confirm or type the location specified by your design.


    Directory Service Restore Mode Administration Password

    In the Password and Confirm password boxes, type any strong password.