Issues with E-Mail Notifications

Applies To: Windows Server 2003 with SP2, Windows Server Update Services

If you are not receiving e-mail notifications after having set up your WSUS server to send them, you should check both the WSUS server's e-mail setup and the SMTP configuration on the e-mail server.

Troubleshooting the WSUS e-mail setup

In the WSUS administration console, click Options, and then click E-Mail Notifications. On the E-Mail Server tab, check the SMTP server name and port, the sender name and address, and the SMTP server authentication, if necessary. You can use the Test button to verify your settings.

Troubleshooting the SMTP server

You can refer to articles such as SMTP: Troubleshooting the TCP/IP Layer of the Mail Gateway ( for more information about troubleshooting issues with the SMTP server.