Checklist: Configure the Intersite Replication Schedule

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

You can use site link objects to control the blocks of time during which replication can occur between sites that are connected by a site link. Within those blocks of time, you can also control how often replication partners request changes from their partners. After you configure a new site link, you can check whether replication between the sites is succeeding by forcing inbound replication over the connections of both replication partners.

Task Reference

(Optional) Review intersite replication concepts.

Understanding Replication Between Sites

Scheduling Replication Between Sites

Configure the times during which replication between sites is possible to ensure that intersite replication occurs only when network bandwidth is most available or a business scenario requires that directory data be the most current.

Configure Intersite Replication Availability

Configure how often intersite replication occurs between sites during the times that replication is available on a site link.

Configure Intersite Replication Frequency