UNIX to Windows Password Synchronization -- Configuration Issues

Updated: November 14, 2007

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

UNIX to Windows Password Synchronization -- Configuration Issues indicates the completeness or usability of settings that are configured for UNIX to Windows password synchronization.

When Password Synchronization is properly configured for UNIX to Windows synchronization, and the synchronization service is available, passwords that are changed on UNIX hosts are synchronized on Windows-based computers and domains. The Password Synchronization pluggable authentication module (PAM) makes this possible by intercepting the password change request on the UNIX host, encrypting the password (provided that encryption keys across the Windows and UNIX environments match), and then sending the password change request to the Password Synchronization service running on the Windows-based computers with which it is configured to be synchronized.


Event ID Source Message



Protocol error. Host = %1



Password change request from untrusted host rejected. %rhost = %1



Error decrypting the password or property changes.

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