Deploying Certificates to the Trusted Publishers Store

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

Windows maintains certificate stores to hold certificates used for different purposes. One certificate store is called the Trusted Publishers store. The Trusted Publishers certificate store contains information about the Authenticode certificates of trusted publishers that are installed on the computer. Administrators can place certificates in this store to specify that signatures created from those certificates are trusted. If a signature signed with this certificate is received by a client computer, then no interaction is required from the user to accept the signature.

Task requirements

The following is required to perform the procedures for this task:

  • Administrator rights are required to add any certificate to the Trusted Publishers certificate store.

  • Certificate MMC snap-in, provided with Windows.

  • CertMgr.exe command-line tool, provided with Windows.

  • Group Policy Management Editor, provided with Windows.

To complete this task, you can perform any of the following procedures: