defaultChecked Attribute

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

The defaultChecked attribute is a Boolean value. If true, the check box parameter is displayed checked; otherwise, the check box parameter is displayed unchecked.




true represents checked state.

false represents unchecked state.


The defaultChecked attribute is an optional attribute and is false by default.

The current behavior of Windows Vista does not match the specified operation of the defaultChecked attribute. In Windows Vista, all check box parameters are checked, by default.


This XML fragment specifies two check box parameters. When the policy setting is enabled, the first check box is displayed unchecked and the second check box is displayed checked.

<checkBox refId="Checkbox_1">First check box parameter</checkBox>

<checkBox refId="Checkbox_2" defaultChecked="true">Second check box parameter - checked by default</checkBox>

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