Viewing group details

If you click a server group in the console tree, the details pane displays the items in the group and their associated statistics and provides a set of buttons you can use to perform general tasks related to the group.

The details pane displays following information about the servers in the group.

Item Description

Server Name

Displays the name of the server.


Displays the number of players that are receiving streams, which provides an overall measure of server use.


Displays the amount of bandwidth consumption, which indicates whether you have allocated sufficient network resources.

System CPU

Displays the current processor use on your server, which provides a means of measuring server health.

Stream Errors

Displays the number of stream errors, which provides a means of measuring the quality level of a stream.

You can use the following buttons in the details pane to perform common group tasks:

  • Add Server. Adds a server to the group.

  • Remove Server. Removes the selected server from the group.

  • View properties. Opens the Group Properties dialog box. Use it to modify group properties such as group name and refresh rate.

  • Refresh list. Refreshes the information on the server list.


You can view and configure settings for an individual item in a group by double-clicking or expanding the item in the console tree.