Server Properties - IPv6 Tab

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

Dialog box element Description

Enable IPv6 Forwarding

Specifies whether IP routing, the forwarding of IP packets from one routing interface to another, is enabled on this server. You must enable IP routing in order for LAN and demand-dial routing to occur. If you want IP-based remote access clients to access the entire network to which this server is attached, enable IP routing. If you want IP-based remote access clients to access this server only, disable IP routing.

Enable Default Route Advertisement

Specifies whether a default route is advertised on this server. A default route is a route for the zero-length prefix. A computer running a member of the Windows ServerĀ® 2008 family that is being used as an IPv6 router will not advertise itself as a default router unless it is configured with a default route (::/0) that is configured to be published.

IPv6 prefix assignment

Type the IPv6 prefix that will be assigned to all remote access clients.