Troubleshooting TPM initialization

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

Managing the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is usually a straightforward procedure. If are unable to complete the initialization procedure, review the following information:

  • If the TPM is not detected by this version of Windows, verify that your computer hardware contains a compatible TPM and BIOS. Ensure that no BIOS settings have been used to make the TPM hidden from the operating system.

  • If the TPM has been previously initialized, and you do not have the owner password, you may have to clear or reset the TPM to factory default values. For more information, see Clear the TPM.


Clearing the TPM could result in the loss of data. To avoid data loss, make sure you have a backup or recovery method for any data protected or encrypted by the TPM.

Since your TPM security hardware is a physical part of your computer, you may wish to read any manuals or instructions that came with your computer, or search the manufacturer's Web site. Some hints to help locate TPM-related information are included in the topic Managing the TPM manually.