Using HTTP streaming and other services on the same computer

If you use both Windows Media Services and a Web service such as Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) on the same server, both services will try to bind to port 80. You can avoid such conflicts by assigning each service to a different port. If you assign a service to a port other than 80, the network administrator must open the corresponding port on the network firewall.

As an alternative, you can assign additional IP addresses to the server, enabling each service to have its own IP address and still use port 80. The simplest way to accomplish this is to install multiple network adapters on your server. However, if this solution is not possible, you can create multiple IP addresses on a single network adapter and assign separate port 80 addresses to them. You must then configure Windows Media Services and the Web service to bind to separate IP address/port 80 combinations.

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Change the port Windows Media Services uses for HTTP streaming

Add IP addresses to resolve port 80 conflicts