listBox Element

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

The listBox element represents a list parameter. The listBox element must be associated with a list element defined in the elements element.


<listBox refId="<placeholderID>">Placeholder label:</listBox>

where Placeholder label is label text for the parameter.


Attributes Required Description

refId Attribute


A mapping to the element.

Child elements

There are no child elements associated with this element.


The listBox element is associated with a list parameter in the Group Policy Management Console or Local Group Policy Editor. To open the list, click the show button. The listBox element will require a matching list element in the corresponding .admx file with matching id attribute as declared in the presentation element containing the listBox element.


This XML fragment specifies a listBox element with label, "Single Column Title".

        <listBox refId="Sample_ListBox_SingleColumn_Param">Single Column Title</listBox>

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