Windows Server Backup

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

Windows Server Backup is a feature in Windows ServerĀ 2008 that provides a set of wizards and other tools for you to perform basic backup and recovery tasks for the server it is installed on. To access the Windows Server Backup snap-in and command-line tool you must install these tools from the Add Features Wizard in Server Manager. (For instructions and more information about Windows Server Backup, see the Help file for Windows Server Backup by clicking Start, clicking Run, and then typing: hh backup.chm.)

Managed Entities

The following is a list of the managed entities that are included in this managed entity:

Name Description

Backup and Recovery Operations

The Windows Server Backup feature consists of a snap-in (Wbadmin.msc) and a command-line tool (Wbadmin.exe) that provide a complete solution for your day-to-day backup and recovery needs.The snap-in has four wizards that guide you through running backups and recoveries.

For syntax and examples for the wbadmin command, see the Command Reference (

You can use Windows Server Backup to back up a full server (all volumes), selected volumes, or the system state. You can recover volumes, folders, files, certain applications, and the system state. And, in case of disasters like hard disk failures, you can perform a system recovery, which will restore your complete system onto the new hard disk by using a full server backup and the Windows Recovery Environment.

Backup Sets

With Windows Server Backup, you can create backups, which are also called backup sets. You can use these backups for recovering files and folders, the operating system, or applications.

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