definitions Element

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

The definitions element is a table of definition elements for the supportedOn text.


    <definition> … </definition>


There are no attributes associated with this element.

Child elements

Element Required Description

definition Element


The definition of the supported product information.


For simplicity of documentation, nested elements located one level down, known as child elements, will only be described for a given element.


Group Policy provides enterprise management of Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, and Windows XP as well as applications that run on the Windows platform. The enterprise will typically include multiple versions of operating systems and other applications. In order to administrate for these different versions, the Group Policy settings cannot be deprecated when a policy setting no longer applies to the current version operating system or application. Instead of removing Group Policy settings that apply only to earlier operating systems or applications, the Group Policy setting remains in the ADMX files and the supportedOn element is used to specify what operating system or application version is affected by an individual Group Policy setting.

The supportedOn element is an optional element that can be removed if all the individual Group Policy settings reference the supportedOn elements defined in a different .admx file. One example of a file containing different supportedOn elements is the Windows base file, windows.admx.


This XML fragment is an example of a definitions table containing one supportedOn element for a specific product version.

      <definition name="SUPPORTED_ProductOnly"

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