Selecting the announcement options

You must provide a name and a location for the announcement file. In addition to creating an announcement file, the wizard can also create Web pages that make it easier to place a link to the announcement on a Web server. If you have a Web page to which you want to add an embedded player, the wizard can also copy the syntax for embedding a Windows Media Player ActiveX control to the Clipboard so you can easily paste it into the source code of an existing Web page.

  • Announcement file (.asx) name and location. Type the location in which you want to save the announcement file and the name you want for the file in the text box or accept the default. The default setting uses the publishing point name as the file name and saves the announcement file in the %systemdrive%\Inetpub\Wwwroot folder. If you are not using Internet Information Services (IIS) to distribute your announcement file, you should change the path to a more suitable location.

  • Create a Web page with an embedded player and a link to the content. Select this option to create a Web page with an embedded Windows Media Player ActiveX control. This Web page links to the publishing point and also enables the user to click a link to open the content in a stand-alone Player. When a user clicks the stand-alone Player link on the Web page, Windows Media Player starts and then connects to the content using the publishing point URL. If the user simply views the Web page, the content is streamed to the embedded Windows Media Player and is visible in the browser frame after the Web page is rendered. The syntax used to embed the Player control and create the Web page is compatible with most standard browsers. In the space provided, type the location of your Web server and the name you want for the Web page or accept the default.

  • Copy the syntax for embedding a player in a Web page to the clipboard. Select this option to have the wizard copy the HTML code used to create a Web page with an embedded Windows Media Player ActiveX control version 7 or later to the Clipboard of your operating system. You can then paste the HTML code into whichever Web development program you are using. The code supplied by the wizard includes options for scripting and the URL of the publishing point you are announcing.