Enable forward error correction

To provide higher-quality content to clients that have unreliable network connections, you can use forward error correction (FEC). FEC sends data packets with redundant data that the client uses to correct missing or corrupted data packets during playback. FEC is useful for wireless networks, satellites, or wide area network (WAN) connections that have long round-trip times between the client and server.

Item Description

FEC packets per span

Enter the number of redundant data packets that can be sent with each portion of content. The default value is 24. You can enter a value from 0 to 24. A value of 0 disables forward error correction.


Forward error correction is only used by clients that connect to a unicast stream using the RTSPU protocol.


To use forward error correction, the player must request that the server send FEC data. If you do not limit the amount of FEC data that the server sends by using the FEC packets per span setting, the server will try to deliver the amount of FEC data requested by the player. Excessive FEC data requests can cause the server's processor to be overloaded and may result in poor server performance. If you notice that the processor use is out of the normal range, set the FEC packets per span setting to a lower number.

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