Windows Server 2008 Logo and Supportability Programs

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

When upgrading your Windows Server systems to Windows ServerĀ® 2008, you must make sure that your system, applications, hardware devices, and drivers are all compatible with Windows Server 2008. Some of the issues you must also consider include:

  • Is your current server system supported for this upgrade by the vendor and by Microsoft?

  • Are your current applications supported for Windows Server 2008 by the vendor?

  • Are your current hardware devices and drivers certified for Windows Server 2008?

  • Are your other applications certified for Windows Server 2008?

Microsoft provides hardware manufacturers and software developers with several programs to certify their products for Windows Server 2008 and to help you address the issues above.

Windows Server 2008 Supported Program

Windows Server Software Logo and Windows Server Hardware Logo Programs

Windows Server 2008 High Availability Program