Additional Resources for Administering Message Queuing

Updated: June 25, 2007

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

Provides links to related information and additional resources for administering Message Queuing.

For additional information about Message Queuing, see the following resources:

For development information about Message Queuing, see the following resource:

  • The Message Queuing Software Development Kit (SDK) is available as part of the Microsoft Platform SDK in the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Library. The Message Queuing SDK includes background information about developing Message Queuing applications and a reference section that thoroughly describes the functions, properties, structures, and COM components supplied and used by Message Queuing. The Message Queuing SDK also contains sample code and program files for representative types of applications.

    The Microsoft Platform SDK is released on a regular basis in the MSDN Library, which is available both on CDs and on the Web. To access the Message Queuing SDK on the Web, refer to the MSDN Library Web site(

For general information about how Message Queuing works, see the following resource:

To participate in or read current newsgroup discussions about Message Queuing, subscribe to the following newsgroups by following the instructions provided with your Web browser or newsreader software for connecting to an Internet news server:

  • microsoft.public.msmq.deployment

  • microsoft.public.msmq.interop

  • microsoft.public.msmq.networking

  • microsoft.public.msmq.performance

  • microsoft.public.msmq.programming


  • microsoft.public.msmq.setup