Connection Manager Administration Kit Overview

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

Connection Manager is a client network connection tool that allows a user to connect to a remote network, such as an Internet service provider (ISP), or a corporate network protected by a Virtual Private Network (VPN) server.

The Connection Manager Administration Kit (CMAK) is a tool that you can use to customize the remote connection experience for users on your network by creating pre-defined connections to remote servers and networks. To create and customize a connection for your users, you use the CMAK wizard.

You can use the CMAK Wizard to customize a connection profile to automate many aspects of a connection:

  • Login information for the remote network.

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection details.

  • Dial-up modem configuration and phone number information.

  • Custom routing tables.

  • Custom Internet Explorer proxy settings.

  • Custom bitmaps and icons.

  • Custom Help file.

  • Custom actions that use other programs, either already on the client system or that you include with the connection profile installation program.

You can use the wizard to customize as much or as little of the connection profile as you want. You can automate almost everything, or provide many options from which your user can select to provide flexibility.

Installing Connection Manager Administration Kit

CMAK is a feature included with Microsoft® Windows Server® 2008.

You can install CMAK by using the Add Features Wizard in Server Manager. Although Server Manager opens by default when a member of the Administrators group logs on to the computer, you can also open Server Manager by using commands on the Start menu in Administrative Tools, and by opening Programs in Control Panel.

For more information about installing or using CMAK, see the Connection Manager Administration Kit Operations Guide ( on the Microsoft Web site.