Specifying the URL to the multicast information file

Determine the method that players can use to access the multicast information (.nsc) file. The player needs to access the multicast information (.nsc) file either from a Web server or a UNC path. If you specify a UNC path, the player must have at least Read permissions to the path.

  • Web server. Click this option if you will make the .nsc file available by using a Web site. Accept the default name and location or enter a different one.

  • Network share. Click this option if you will be making the .nsc file available by sharing a network resource. Enter the path and file name of the multicast information file you want the player to access.


If the Web server address of your .nsc file specifies a port other than 80, you must specify the port in the URL. The following is an example of a URL that uses a non-standard port: http://computer.domain.com:83/broadcast.nsc.