valuePrefix Attribute

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

The valuePrefix attribute specifies the text string that will be prepended to an incremented integer. The combined text string and integer will create the registry subkey used in setting policy values.




placeholderTextString represents the text string to be prepended to the incremented integer for registry subkey creation.


The valuePrefix attribute is an optional attribute. If this attribute is not specified, the registry subkey name will match the name of the value entered. If you want the registry subkeys to be named with incremental integers only, set the valuePrefix attribute to a null value, valuePrefix="".


This XML fragment is an example of a list element that will prepend the text string "SAMPLE" to an incremented integer for generating the subkey name. In this case, the first subkey created will have the name, HKLM|HKCU\Software\Policies\Examples\listbox1\SAMPLE1.

<list id="Sample_ListBox_SingleColumn_Param"


valuePrefix="SAMPLE" />

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