TS Web Access

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

Terminal Services Web Access (TS Web Access) is a Windows Server 2008 role service that enables users to visit a Web site (either from the Internet or from the intranet) to access a list of available TS RemoteApp programs. To start a RemoteApp program, users just click the program icon. When the RemoteApp program starts, a Terminal Services session is started on the terminal server that hosts the RemoteApp program.


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TS Web Access Configuration

When the Terminal Services Web Access (TS Web Access) role service is installed, a default Web page is automatically created. By default, the Web site is located at http://server_name/ts, where server_name is the name of the TS Web Access server.

To populate the Web page with a list of available RemoteApp programs, you must specify a terminal server for TS Web Access to use. Any RemoteApp programs on the specified terminal server that are configured to show in TS Web Access will appear on the Web page.

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