Monitor Firewall - General

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

Monitoring Firewall Rule - General Properties

This view shows the following information for firewall rules that are being applied to this computer. These rules are the resultant set of rules that have been merged from Group Policy or Local Policy and any firewall rules specifically added to this computer:

  • Local Address (the local IP address.)

  • Local Port (the TCP or UDP port of the local computer used in the filter.)

  • Remote Address (the remote computer or peer.)

  • Remote Port (the TCP or UDP port of the remote computer used in the filter.)

  • Direction (the direction of the connection for which the filter is created - "In" or "Out.")

  • Protocol (the protocol specified in the filter.)

  • ICMP Settings (For exceptions with ICMP properties defined, this includes the ICMP type and code.)

  • Application (For exceptions that specify a program or application, this is the path to the executable (.exe) file on the computer.)

  • Service (This is the short name of the service, if one was specified.)