Applies To: Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2

There are three types of logging for Network Policy Server (NPS):

  • Event logging.

    Used primarily for auditing and troubleshooting connection attempts.

  • Logging user authentication and accounting requests to a local file.

    Used primarily for connection analysis and billing purposes. Also useful as a security investigation tool because it provides you with a method of tracking the activity of a malicious user after an attack. By default, local file logging in database-compatible format is enabled.

  • Logging user authentication and accounting requests to a Microsoft SQL Server XML-compliant database.

    Used to allow multiple servers running NPS to record accounting data to one data source. Also provides the advantages of using a relational database. By default, SQL Server logging is not enabled.


To deploy NPS SQL Server logging, you must first deploy and configure a compatible version of Microsoft SQL Server.

For more information, see NPS Accounting.