Checklist: Create an Unattended Installation

Applies To: Windows Server 2008 R2

With Windows Deployment Services, you can configure the entire deployment process to be performed without user interaction. To do this, you need to automate the Windows Deployment Services UI screens and the later phases of Setup, including joining the computer to a domain. You can also automate the Image Capture Wizard by using a WDSCapture.inf file. For more information, see Performing Unattended Installations (

  Step Reference

Create a Windows Deployment Services client unattend file and set it as the default to be used for each architecture.

Configure an Unattended Installation

Create an image unattend file and associate it with an image.

Configure an Unattended Installation

Create an unattend file for the Image Capture Wizard and save it within the image.

Automating the Image Capture Wizard (