Deployment with Office package

Applies To: Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2

In Office 2007, you can use the Office Customization Tool (OCT) to customize an installation of the Microsoft Office 2007 System that allows you to distribute AD RMS rights policy templates to a local hard drive. Previous versions of Office required several tools to customize Setup and to manage Office after installation. The new setup architecture in Office 2007 simplifies the process of customizing the Office installation by using a single technology, Windows Installer patching.

Use the following steps to embed AD RMS templates and distribute them:

  1. Copy all of the Office 2007 setup files and folders into a location, for example, \\server\share\Office2007 where you want to install from.

  2. Store AD RMS rights policy templates and batch files into the Update folder in Office 2007 setup directory.

  3. Run the Office 2007 setup file with the /admin command-line switch, for example, \\Server\Share\Office2007\setup.exe /admin.

  4. Choose Office 2007 Enterprise

  5. In left pane, under Setup, click Add installations and run programs, and add a batch file to create an AD RMS rights policy template folder, and copy the templates. The following is a sample batch file:

    @echo off
    rem ** create a adrms template folder
    md %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\DRM\
    md %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\DRM\Templates\
    rem ** copy all of the files and del original
    xcopy %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Office\*.xml %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\DRM\Templates /y /s  /q
    del %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Office\*.xml
  6. In left pane, under Additional content, click Add files, and add AD RMS policy templates, selecting the files from Update folder. Select the destination path as [AppDataFolder\Microsoft\Office]. If you change this, modify the location of the templates in the batch file above as well.

  7. Save the MSP file into the location of Update folder.

  8. Run setup.exe to install the Office 2007 Enterprise.