Log Trimming

Applies To: Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2

AD RMS logging is accumulative, as new records are added with every certification or licensing operation. In order to prevent the logging databases from growing indefinitely, you can implement a log trimming and consolidation process.

For this, a script or stored procedure should be implemented in all high volume certification or licensing cluster database servers that runs periodically (daily, for example), identifies all records in the logging database that are older than a specified age (one month is a typical cutoff) and deletes them from the local logging database.

This procedure leads to local logging databases that stay at nearly constant volume over time, with size fluctuating according to the logging activity level.

In a typical implementation of log database purging, old records should be deleted in the following logging database tables:

  • ServiceRequestAndCertificate

  • ServiceRequest

  • ErrorInformation

  • Certificate

  • XrmlObject

A sample of a script that performs this type of database trimming for the AD RMS logging database is included in the AD RMS Log Purging Sample.

Information on the AD RMS logging database schema and contents is provided in the AD RMS Logging Database Tables section.