Virtual Machine <Resource Name> Properties: Settings Tab

Applies To: Windows Server 2008 R2

On this tab, one of the settings you can specify is the action that the cluster will perform when taking the virtual machine offline. This setting does not affect live migration, quick migration, or unplanned failover. It affects only moving (or taking the resource offline through the action of Windows PowerShell or an application).

Option Details


The cluster saves the state of the virtual machine before taking the virtual machine offline, so that the state can be restored when bringing the virtual machine back online. This is the default.

Shut down

The cluster performs an orderly shutdown of the operating system (waiting for all processes to close) on the virtual machine before taking the virtual machine offline.

Shut down (forced)

The cluster shuts down the operating system on the virtual machine without waiting for slower processes to finish, and then takes the virtual machine offline.

Turn off

The cluster turns off the virtual machine without shutting down the operating system first when taking the virtual machine offline. This is the same as turning off the power, which means that data loss may occur.

Option Details

Enable heartbeat monitoring for the virtual machine

When this option is selected, heartbeats are sent from the operating system running in the virtual machine to the operating system running the Hyper-V role. If the heartbeats stop, indicating that virtual machine has become unresponsive, the cluster is notified, and can attempt to restart the clustered virtual machine or fail it over.

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