VSS Writer Operations

Applies To: Windows Server 2008 R2

Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) writers are applications or services that store persistent information in filesĀ on disk and that provide the names and locations of these files to requesters by using the shadow copy interface.


Event ID Source Message



Volume Shadow Copy Service error: The EventSystem service is disabled or is attempting to start during Safe Mode. The Volume Shadow Copy service cannot start while in safe mode. If not in safe mode, make sure that EventSystem service is enabled. CLSID:%1 Name:%2 [%3] %4



Volume Shadow Copy Service error: The process that hosts the writer with name %1 and ID %2 does not run under a user with sufficient access rights. Consider running this process under a local account which is either Local System, Administrator, Network Service, or Local Service. %3



A VSS writer has rejected an event with error %1. Changes that the writer made to the writer components while handling the event will not be available to the requester. Check the event log for related events from the application hosting the VSS writer. %2



Volume Shadow Copy Service error: Error on creating/using the COM+ Writers publisher interface: %1 [%2]. %3



Volume Shadow Copy Service error: Writer %1 did not respond to a GatherWriterStatus call.



An unhandled exception was encountered while processing a VSS writer event callback method. The VSS writer infrastructure is in an unstable state. Restart the service or application that hosts the writer.

Writer name: %1
Writer id: %2
Writer instance: %3
Process command line: %4
Process ID: %5
Writer operation: %6
Writer state: %7
Exception code: %8
Exception location: %9

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