Performing Common Tasks in a Failover Cluster by Using Windows PowerShell

Updated: October 1, 2009

Applies To: Windows Server 2008 R2

The following topics list some common tasks that administrators perform on failover clusters, and provide information about how to perform those tasks by using Windows PowerShell in Windows ServerĀ® 2008 R2. The Windows PowerShell cmdlets provide an alternative interface for actions that you might otherwise perform with command-line commands or the Failover Cluster Manager snap-in.

Task focus Topic

New failover cluster

Configuring a New Failover Cluster by Using Windows PowerShell


Configuring Failover Cluster Nodes by Using Windows PowerShell

Existing disks (other than Cluster Shared Volumes)

Configuring Existing Failover Cluster Disks by Using Windows PowerShell

Clustered services and applications (resource groups)

Configuring Clustered Services and Applications (Resource Groups) by Using Windows PowerShell

Cluster Shared Volumes and clustered virtual machines

Configuring Cluster Shared Volumes and Clustered Virtual Machines by Using Windows PowerShell

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